Daily Notes FAST! One-Click FAX! Mobile-Ready!

A poor documentation system is the #1 cause of burn-out, request for refunds, scrutiny, and headaches for therapists. Most EMR's lack SPEED and EASE. That's why we developed IndeNotes! Created by therapists, for therapists!

Average time to complete a note is less than 60 seconds with our built-in templates!

Our Top Benefits

  • The fastest Daily Notes on the planet! One-Click Faxing!
  • Easy access from the office, home, or anywhere with an internet connection!
  • All your notes organized in one place for easy recall or resend!
  • No more headaches!
  • No more paper charts! No more paper faxing! No more lost time!

Our Features

  • -Just copy last note, quick edit, save, and you're done!
  • -Send Letterhead, Evals, MD Requests or Progress Notes.
  • -Send to one or multiple recipients w/one click.
  • -Low-cost, unlimited faxes.
  • -Save as draft and finish later..
  • -One-touch recall and resend